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How do I use the quick order form?

How do I use the quick order form?

On the website, if you already know what products you want, there is a quick and effortless way to order them using our quick order form!

1. Go to, or click the “Quick Order Form” link at the bottom of the website under the Accounts heading.

2. On the next screen you will see this.

3. On the left side, you can use the “search product” sections to find products and livestock. You can do this by typing the name of the product you want, or the code and selecting what you want from the drop-down list (see the screenshot below).

4. You can also change the quantity of the product that you want in the “Quantity” section.

5. In the “Cost” section you will see your individual price of each item, and in the “total section you will see that total cost of your chosen quantity of the selected product.

6. If you want to remove any product from your order, click the red “x” next to the total, and it will remove that row and the products in that row.

7. You also have a set of options on the bottom of the page:

a. “Add to cart” will add all the selected products to your shopping basket

b. “Go to Cart” will take you to your basket

c. “Clear Cart” will remove everything from your basket

d. “Reset Form” will empty all the form fields.

8. To confirm your order, click “Go to Cart” to see your basket (like the screenshot below).

9. If you wish, you can edit the contents of your shopping basket further, to what you want to order, before clicking “Proceed to checkout”. a. If you have a Purchase order number, you can add it in the purchase order/cart notes section below the checkout button.

10. On the next screen, confirm your contact information, and confirm your shipping address (like the screenshot below).

11. Once all your information is correct, click “Continue to shipping”.

12. On the next screen, it will ask you to confirm your shipping method (like the screenshot below).

13. Check all this information is correct and click “Continue to payment”.

14. On the next screen, you will need to confirm your billing address and your payment method (like the screenshot below).

a. You can also change your billing address if it is different to your shipping address. Click “use a different billing address” and fill in the information.

15. Once you have confirmed all your details, click complete order.

16. Your order has now been submitted! You should receive an order confirmation number, and confirmation email.

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