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How do I search?

How do I search?

On the website, there are many ways to find the products you want. In this guide we will explain the basic process of searching for products/livestock on the J&K Aquatics Website.

1. Go to

2. Use the search bar at the top to search for a product, brand, or category. You will see something like the screenshot below.

a. On the homepage you will see a range of top selling products, as well as some new arrivals and links to visit product/brand pages. You can click through to these products as well as search for them.

b. You can click any of the highlighted products, brands, or categories to be taken to the relevant page.

3. Click the magnifying glass icon or hit enter on your keyboard to search. You will be taken to a screen like the screenshot below.

4. On the search results page, you can filter products/livestock using the options on the left-hand side, and you can sort the products by relevance, price, etc.

5. Then you can click the product/livestock you want to look at and you will be taken to the product’s page (Like the screenshot below).

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